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Where are Porter PocketsTM Made?          

All labor associated with the manufacturing of our bags is in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  The materials used are all sourced from local businesses.  The materials themselves are a combination of domestic and imported goods.

What is the difference between the two bag collections?

With the exception of the fabric, both collections are made with the same durable hardware and strap, in the same manufacturing plant.  The “Pack Collection” is made from backpack grade fabric.  The “Stone Collection” is made from durable marine awning grade fabric.  Both fabrics are very durable, water resistant, and fade resistant.  While the Stone Collection uses descriptions that are associated with the properties associated with their namesake’s gemstone/mineral/rock, we do not make any claim that you will benefit from those gemstone properties. However, we do claim your dog walking experience will be greatly improved when you wear one of our bags.  The Porter PocketsTM designer also has a Graduate Gemologist certification from the GIA, and this is the closest thing to applying that degree she has going on at the moment.

How strong is the rigid compartment?

It’s very strong.  While not indestructible, the black container is not easily broken.  To test it out, a 100-ish lb. person stood on the curved side of the insert and had to bounce up and down on it hard, several times, before it cracked.  We don’t recommend you do this with your insert, even if you are really bored.

What are the dimensions and weight of a Porter Pocket?

Dimensions Approx. = 5 1/8" H  x  5 3/4"W  x  2 1/2" D

Adjustable Strap Drop Approx. =  17 1/2"  to  31 1/2"

Weight =  6.9 oz

How did you develop the design?

In addition to durability and being quality made, we wanted our Porter PocketsTM to be lightweight and comfortable to carry so that you almost forget you’re wearing it.  The back of the bag is flat so it lies close to the body.  The rounded front makes it very strong and limits any interference with your arm as you walk.  You can wear your Porter Pocket however you feel most comfortable- whether that be cross body, over the shoulder, more toward the back, more toward the front, etc.  You can use the exterior pocket to carry unused poop bags, keys, or other small items. If you have a favorite poop bag dispenser, you may be able to clip that to our bag’s hardware or shoulder strap.  Our Porter PocketsTM unique design is patent pending. 

How much will the container hold?

If you are wondering about this it’s probably because you have a big dog or more than one dog.  Because dogs vary so much in their habits (amount and number of times they have a pattern of relieving themselves while on a walk  - all varying greatly) it’s hard to guarantee it will meet your needs.  As your dog’s owner, you know what your dog’s general patterns are during walks. For example, we have two, 30 lb. corgis who usually go 3-4 times between the two of them during a walk.  The bag easily accommodates our needs. The bag carries a surprising amount and if you are the kind of person who usually ties a knot to secure your poop bag without much air in it, you will fit even more.  If it becomes necessary, the bag can be overfilled a bit because the lid can be slightly adjusted over the rigid container with the hook and loop closure.   Currently we only make the one size and we think it will fit most people’s needs.  We will consider making a larger size if it becomes a more popular request -  than just from my sister.

I have tried other dog waste carriers and they ended up absorbing the foul odors.  What makes Porter Pockets™ different?

Porter Pockets™ have a rigid, plastic interior that safely contains the used poop bag and prevents the textile portion from absorbing odors.   Additionally, the lid of the Porter Pocket flaps over the rigid container without making it airtight or completely restricting air flow which can result in fume concentration.  However, the flap does help to contain odors while you are walking.  The rigid container is removable if needed for cleaning, which leads into the next FAQ question...

How do I clean my Porter PocketsTM bag?

You Porter Pocket is made from durable fabrics and materials. First remove the black insert, then your Porter Pocket may be washed in cold water with mild detergent, and hung to dry.  The black insert may be easily removed at any time and washed by hand with soap and water.

How did you come up with the name, “Porter PocketsTM?”

Let’s face it – we carry stuff for our dogs all the time.  We are their porters – we just don’t wear the little hats.

How do you select the non-profits who receive you a portion of the proceeds from you product sales?

We are committed to supporting the valuable work of non-profits in all our communities, not just in the Puget Sound area.  We focus primarily on animal welfare, animal and human partnerships in therapy, education and service, and clean air, water, land. If you are part of a non-profit that would like to become one of our partners, please send information about your organization and interest to

Do you make Special Promotions Bags?

If your organization is interested in getting customized Porter Pockets™with your company name or logo, please contact us at

What is Your Return/Exchange Policy ?

We know that you will quickly find your Porter Pocket to be an invaluable tool.  However, we stand by our product so if you aren’t satisfied with your Porter Pocket, you may return it for a refund minus the cost of the original shipping and return shipping costs.  We will accept returns up to 30 days after you receive the shipment of your purchase.  Bags must be returned in their original condition, including all parts, to be eligible for refund.  If you receive a defective or damaged bag or if some part of the bag fails with normal use,  we will exchange your bag at no cost to you, along with our apologies.  Please refer to our Return Policy on our homepage. 

Are there other uses for Porter PocketsTM?   

Our customers have purchased our bags for other uses such as to carry treats, use as a small purse, and to use by a child to carry his/her own small toys - dinosaurs, action figures, cars, etc.  While walking on the beach with our dogs, we discovered that a Porter Pocket also makes a great beachcombing collection bag for sandy and wet shells, agates, and other lucky treasures you might find. Using our bag keeps your pockets from getting sandy and wet...see the great connection? The hard-sided container protects all types of items from getting damaged from external impact. There are many possible uses for a Porter PocketsTM bag.  It is a multi-use kind of bag.

How will I look wearing a Porter Pocket?

Carrying a Porter Pocket not only makes walking with your dog even more relaxing, it represents to others that you take your responsibilities of being a dog owner in its entirety. When your neighbors, business owners, park crews, and others see you carrying a Porter Pocket, it gives them piece of mind knowing that you will take care of your pet’s deposits should the need arise.  It’s simple to use, but indispensable. Our bag allows you to discreetly carry dog poop.  In short, you will look great because a Porter Pocket looks good and is well made.  It definitely looks better and feels less awkward than carrying a swinging, used bag in your hand on your walk.  That's just not a good look for anyone - even on a good hair day.