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As a responsible dog owner who finds carrying used poop bags in my hand very unpleasant while walking our dogs, I wanted to find a lightweight solution that allowed me to transport used bags in a RIGID structure – preventing bag breakage or smashing. I also wanted to carry it discreetly, hands-free, and for it to be operable with one hand so I could still securely hold my dogs’ leashes while I picked-up after them. I didn’t need a cup holder, so you won’t find one on a Porter Pockets.

Porter Pockets™ promotes being a responsible dog owner by making cleaning up after our pets less of a hassle. Our neighborhoods, parks, beaches, wooded trails, downtown sidewalks and other areas frequented by dogs benefit from the reduction of dog waste left by their owners. Dog owners benefit greatly by helping to keep these areas pet-friendly, welcoming, and accessible.

Our Porter Pockets™ have become very popular with dog trainers as well. In fact, people are purchasing the bag for a wide range of uses - some of which we didn't even know would be useful applications! 

What’s important to my husband, Bruce, and I in this project is that the product:

  • Is quality made and durable to last a long time;
  • Be manufactured in the USA using as many locally sourced and domestic products as possible;
  • Limit packaging, but when necessary use sustainable packing resources and recycled materials as much as possible; and
  • contribute to organizations that provide valuable services to our communities by donating a portion of the net proceeds from each purchase to a non-profit of the month.

Because WE are our dogs’ porters for the many things we carry and do for them (given they don’t have opposable thumbs) we chose the name, Porter PocketsTM.  Plus, there seemed to be a strong need for alliteration in the name, for whatever reason.

Oh – and we have two corgis which is why you see one of our dogs, Rupert, in the logo.  His buddy, Belle, is the one with the wild eye.

I know you will find the same value in having a Porter Pocket as we have.  It really does make the walk with your best pals even better.  Once you've started one, you will desperately miss it the very next time you go for a dog walk without it. 

Thank you,                                            

Joy                                                  Rupert  (2003 - 2019)

Porter PocketsTM is a division of Wildeye Ventures LLC.  We are based in Olympia, Washington. Wildeye Ventures LLC is a small start-up business focused on designing solutions to everyday challenges through the products we design and services we provide.  Through the sale of our products, we are committed to supporting the valuable work of non-profit organizations in our communities.