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Porter Pockets™ in Action

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Why a Porter Pocket?

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What are Porter Pockets™?

Porter Pockets™are indispensable tools for the responsible dog owner.  Our bags allow you to carry used dog poop bags in a discreet, smart looking bag that has a hard-sided interior. A Porter Pocket alleviates you of the need to carry a swinging bag of dog waste while on a walk with your best pal. The rigid container protects you from the used poop bag and keeps your hands free.  Most importantly, a Porter Pocket prevents the bag from breaking or getting smashed until the next time you are near a garbage; even safely protecting your car and other belongings you are carrying along the way.

Porter Pockets™ have a PATENT PENDING design. The back of the bag lies flat so it stays close against the body. The curved front of the bag helps it from interfering with your arm as you walk.  The shape of the rigid compartment and the material used makes it very strong in order to protect you from the unpleasant contents of its cargo.  Each bag has an exterior pocket to hold small items such as your clean dog poop bags, keys, etc.

Porter Pockets™ are lightweight and have a long strap that allows you to carry the bag crossbody or over-the-shoulder, leaving your hands free. You can easily operate the bag with one hand, allowing you to hold your leash(es) at all times. 

Porter Pockets™ comes in two different fabric collections. The Pack Collection is made from durable, backpack grade fabric. The Stone Collection is made from strong marine awning fabric. Both collections are very durable, water resistant, and fade resistant.  There are 10 different colors from which to choose.  All bags are made with black strapping and black hardware.

We are very proud to share that all the labor involved in the making of our Porter Pockets™ was accomplished in states of Washington and Oregon, USA.  We demonstrate our commitment to the great work of community non-profits by donating 5% of the net proceeds from each purchase to non-profits whose efforts benefit animal-human partnerships, animal care and safety, and the health of our environment.

Once you start using your Porter Pockets™ you will not want to be without it any time you head out of the house -  whether that is to walk around the neighborhood, park, into the woods, on the beach, or walking around downtown.  Carrying a Porter Pocket not only makes your dog walking experience more pleasurable for you, but others around you will appreciate knowing you take responsibility for all aspects of dog ownership.  You will also be helping to maintain a clean environment for everyone to enjoy and promote the ability for continued access for all of us, with our dogs, in places we can enjoy together.

Quality Built in the USA

Patent Pending Design

Strong, Rigid Compartment

Protects you from what you carry

Discreetly Transport Dog Waste

Keep Your Hands Free

Porter Pockets™ Go Everywhere

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Being a Responsible Dog Owner just got easier!