Porter Pockets

A necessity for every dog owner and avid trainer.

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Hands-free waste carrier or training bag

Removable rigid plastic insert **Dishwasher safe ** Rear pocket for bags, phone, keys, & more

Wide color selection and durable materials

Porter Pockets™ in Action

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Goes Anywhere

Take it around the neighborhood, downtown, park, beach, or on a wooded trail

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What are Porter Pockets™?

Porter Pockets™ are multi-purpose bags that provide unique solutions for normally messy needs thanks to the removable, rigid interior compartment.  Porter Pockets are for:

Dog trainers - quick access to rewards, no more grimy pant or jacket pockets.

Dog walkers - carry used dog poop bags discreetly and hands-free. Dispose of used bags responsibly when you next pass a garbage can.

Beachcombers – carry agates, shells, and other found objects. No more messy plastic bags of sand and seawater or toting large buckets.

Young children – carry their own small toys wherever they go - on the go!

Anyone who has a need to carry items in an easy to access, washable bag that is well-made and looks fits in with whatever you are doing - whether nicely dressed walking downtown or on the trail.

Porter Pockets™ have a PATENT PENDING design. The back of the bag lies flat so it stays close against the body. The curved front of the bag helps it from interfering with your arm as you walk.  The shape of the rigid compartment and the material used makes it very strong in order to protect your cargo.  Each bag has an exterior pocket to hold small items.

Porter Pockets™ are lightweight and have a long strap that allows you to carry the bag crossbody or over-the-shoulder, leaving your hands free. You can easily operate the bag with one hand.

Our bags comes in two different fabric collections. The Pack Collection is made from durable, backpack grade fabric. The Stone Collection is made from strong marine awning fabric. Both collections are very durable, water resistant, and fade resistant.  There are 10 different colors from which to choose.