Z - Toy - Tug-A-Roo (Color Options)

Z - Toy - Tug-A-Roo (Color Options)

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The Tug-A-Roo, as its name states, is the perfect choice for those dogs that love to tug and play! The rattle portion consists of our specialized squeaker covered in hand-crocheted funky fur yarn for enhanced softness and durability. Our yarn also helps to promote dental care, acting like a soft toothbrush on your dog’s teeth while they play. The handles form a loop for holding on, perfect for tug-of-war or even just a long lob across the lawn!

OoMaLoo dog toys are handmade by women in the poor neighborhoods of the Anatolian Plateau. Craft-needlework is one of the few methods these women have of earning an income.

-Made by hand (knit/crocheted).

-Generates income for poor women in Anatolia.

-Promotes dental health.

-Contains industrial-strength squeaker.

-Made of non-toxic material.

-Used both indoors and outdoors.

-One of the most durable toys on the market.

-Machine-washable (cold) and air dry.

Medium - 8"